Tree Surgeon Services

This is when a tree can be open felled as a whole from ground level and there is no need for aerial climbing.

Section felling
Where large or heavy material is being removed from the tree, the surrounding features and structures (i.e. overhanging greenhouses/ roads) are protected by lowering down pieces safely on a rope and other lowering devices.

servies crown reduction

Crown Reduction
The ends of all branches are reduced, in length, back to suitable ‘growth points’ (side branches). As a result the entire tree crown is reduced, in size and volume, whilst retaining the natural shape of the species. This procedure is usually stipulated in terms of a percentage (rarely more than 30%).

Crown Thinning
Branches are removed from within the tree crown in order to make it uniformly less dense. The natural shape of the tree is completely unaffected but the ‘Sail Effect’ (wind resistance) is reduced and more light allowed to filter through. This procedure is usually stipulated in terms of a percentage (rarely more than 30%).

Crown Lifting
Increasing the gap between ground level and the crown. This is normally achieved by removing the lowers branches of the crown to a specified height. In most cases a height of 5m is required over public highways and paths etc…

services pollarding

A woodland management method of encouraging lateral branches by cutting off a tree stem or minor branches two or three metres above ground level. The tree is then allowed to regrow after the initial cutting, but once begun, pollarding requires regular maintenance by pruning. This will eventually result in a somewhat expanded (or swollen) top to the tree trunk with multiple new side and top shoots growing from it.

General term for various techniques of removing branches. We employ shigo`s recommendations for compartmentalization (To prevent infection which might damage the rest of the tree).

services formative pruning

Formative pruning
Taking control of the tree`s growth at an early stage in its development reducing the need for heavy pruning in the future.

This is the removal of all dead wood from the tree to prevent damage/injury from fallen branches and to protect the tree from possible infection.
stump grinding

services site clearance

Garden/site clearing
Exactly that, we can clear your site of all trees, tree stumps, shrubs and all other vegetation there may be.
Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming
Hedges of any size can be topped and trimmed to your specific dimensions.

services planting

We can offer you the service to plant new trees/shrubs. Replanting can often be a council requirement after the removal of a tree within a conservation area or a tree that is subject to a TPO.

services logs recycling

We strongly believe in caring for our environment, so whenever possible we use recycled materials in our work, and also endeavour to recycle the waste products we produce.

Conservation, TPO
We deal with all planning regulation regarding tree, Conservation and TPO (tree protection orders).

services what is a Conservation area in kent

What is a Conservation area?
Conservation area is where a section of land is protected by the local council in order to make sure its natural beauty is preserved and for this reason notice has to be given to the local council six weeks before the tree work is due to be undertaken.

services TPO protection trees in kent

What is a TPO?
A TPO provides protection for those trees specified in the order and makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot or willfully damage or destroy a tree, or permit these actions, without first seeking the Department’s consent to do so. At Hart Lee we deal with these services for you.

Stump Grinding